Saturday, November 21, 2009

11/11 Inner Mastery Activation

Channeled By KellyRose Zuvuya
White Star Sanctuary

Take a moment now to connect in with all of the other groups that have gathered around the world today to join in this opportunity for connection to the Divine, Divine Oneness. Allow your personal intentions and group intentions to be supported by the larger group intention that is being held around the world tonight for peace, for higher understanding, for a greater level of conscious awareness, and connection to our souls’ true purpose for being her in this time, in this place, in these bodies.

This truly is today a gateway of opportunity through which you may pass as you say “yes” to the connection of your soul with the rest of your earthly existence. Continuing to allow this marriage of soul, body and mind you open your own inner doorway to the Oneness energy, the connection with all other things and the greatest source of support you will ever encounter.

Each of you have visions and dreams of how you would like your life to look, and each of you is living at least one piece or part of the vision already. When you focus upon the part you are living already for what it is: for the door way that it is to your soul, you allow it to grow and appreciate. You allow its value to become the central focus of your lives. Some of you are living your dream and vision already quite fully. Some of you are seeing your vision quite fully and are walking towards it with more and more certainty every day. Whatever aspects of your life you are truly grateful for, whatever aspects of your life you know to be in alignment with your soul’s purpose, allow them to surround you now, allow them to grow larger in your awareness, allow them to become your pure focus as you breathe into these aspects of your life with sweet appreciation and gratitude.

You have an opportunity today to walk through yet another gateway of initiation, and we wish to encourage you that the key that unlocks this doorway is your appreciation and your gratitude for what you have already created because of your positive intent. In fact, when you sit in this appreciation and gratitude energy you find that there really is no lock at all. You may, at times, create resistance for yourself that shows up as a lock, or you may call it a blockage. We encourage you to invite in this frequency of appreciation in those moments of resistance. Focus on one thing you are appreciative of, and let it multiply your positive intent. And through this multiplication of your positive intentionality the doorway opens, and all that is left to do is put one foot in front of the other and carry yourself through the threshold- the threshold of your ability to appreciate yourself and walk into a whole new realm of appreciation for yourself as a Divine being co-creating your life with other Divine beings of pure positive intent.

The energy of mastery that is present to you now in this moment is not accessible through preparation, through study, through perfection. It is accessible through the discipline of appreciation and gratitude of self as a Divine Being. All masters must learn discipline, and this discipline that we encourage you to learn for your self is simple, not always so easy, but simple. To appreciate who you are is to not look at what you have done, and to criticize yourself for what you have not done yet. But it is to simply be in awe of your capacity to create, your capacity to love, your capacity to create from that love. And by creation we mean the most raw sense of that word: creation being the way that you see yourself, the way you breathe in the life force, the way you receive your communion with Spirit, with the Divine Oneness, the way in which you stay connected to the love that you are.

Developing inner mastery means weathering the storm of self-criticism. Developing inner mastery means weathering the storm of rejection. Developing inner mastery means coming back to what is real, every day, not just some days but every day.

Inner mastery is about navigating the very delicate landscape of the emotional body and learning how to experience your feelings rather than identify with them. Inner mastery is the process of allowing yourself to sit in silence and in joy and appreciate the light that comes from within you regardless of the quality of the light that is around. Inner mastery is about bringing your light, your truth, your love of self as a Divine Being and as a Human Being into all of your life- not just some of your life but all of your life. Inner mastery means that you know your core wounds, your core issues, you might call them. You know what they are, where they come from, and you know how to give yourself a healing response when you find yourself immersed in the space of the wound. Inner mastery means you know how to not do it all by yourself, but how to access the guidance that directs you towards the resources that you need; whether it be a spiritual guide or being, a friend, family member, healer, nature. Inner mastery means that you know when to reach out for support. You know when you have reached your limits. You know when you must sit in the unknown, and you are comfortable sitting in the unknown when your inner mastery is developed.

So today is a day of receiving more of your inner mastery. It is a day of activating your memory of all your power through your lifetimes. It is a day of stringing together the aspects of your soul that you may have lost along the way and pulling them into alignment with this lifetime, this space, this moment. Allow yourselves now to align with your power in every lifetime you have experienced. Receive the downloading of information as light-waves through your heart, through your third eye. Breathe into your first chakra to stay grounded as you receive this download. Let the rest happen naturally for it is your birth-right, it is a gift that you are ready for.

(long pause to receive the gifts)

As you receive the gifts from these lifetimes in which you may have struggled to stay in contact with your power, you feel the pieces of your puzzle, the pieces of your true Divine nature coming back into alignment with your powerful self as a master of your inner landscape. You know that your wounds do not define who you are and you know that your defenses are merely a way of protecting who you are not. And as you claim your inner mastery you anchor yourself in safety, trust, love and acceptance, and deep respect for the Divine that dwells within you.

Today is a day on which you can make a commitment to live from your inner mastery. This is a commitment of appreciation and gratitude, and love for who you have been, who you are now and who you shall become. Above all it is a commitment to know thyself, to see thyself with the most loving and compassionate eyes. Take the next few moments to receive whatever guidance is most appropriate to you know.

(pause to receive personal guidance)

Inner mastery is not about perfection. It is about being able to see our imperfections and stay in contact with the grace of the Divine as we hold our perfect imperfections with appreciation.

You may presence now any who are in need of a blessing, extra support. And as we presence each person we acknowledge their potential for inner mastery. We sit in the radiant light of our own masterful selves, acknowledging our imperfections and loving our perfect connection to the Divine. We hold the door open for each of these people as if you say: “when you are ready, this gateway of grace stands open before you”.

May all souls be restored, may all karmic bonds be cleansed and released, and may grace precede each of you in all that you do. So be it.

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