Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Discovering True Self During Intense Times

Channeled Through KellyRose Zuvuya
White Star Sanctuary, Las Vegas

Follow your breath into this moment. We wish to speak to you from the most gentle of vibrations and transmissions. For each of you have been through many challenges, many trials and tests of your true authentic self. In many ways you are being shown that there are aspects of you that do not belong in your everyday life any longer. And so, we wish to hold with you these spaces, places and aspects of consciousness. The idea here is not to banish or abolish any aspects of self but rather to embrace, to hold those aspects of consciousness that are longing to return to wholeness, to know the truth of love. And you are becoming those vessels of love, pure love. It does not mean you will not have aspects of self that come up and disrupt or derail you, that feel unpleasant. It simply means that as this vessel of love you are able to respond to these players, roles inside of yourself and your consciousness with the one thing that all of these aspects of your being are truly needing most.

Love is the great integrator. It is the glue that brings all fragmented aspects of self back together again. We encourage you to just be in this sea of love in this moment and for as many moments as you can remember. Be in the sea of love for it is all around you and it is providing you with the guidance that you seek. It holds the space for the anger, sadness and grief. It opens doors to new patterning in your brains. It assists you becoming what you know, deep down in your heart, that you are. Even more to the point it assists you in returning to that which you know you are.

Last week we spoke about drama and intensity ("Finding Choice During Drama and Intensity") and we hope that it brought up some new perspectives or an inner dialog with the part of you that is attached to the experiences that you are having over and over again. You may notice that as you go through these intensities you have at least two choices. One choice is to be in resistance and to fight against the intensity with more intensity. The more your resistance pushes back against what is longing to be seen, held and heard the more you experience intensity without resolution, without returning to your core. This is what we meant by drama and intensity breeding more of the same. And as we mentioned last channeling there is another choice: the choice to breathe and notice there is a doorway in front of you that you may choose to cross over the threshold of. What do you need in addition to the breath? What does the breath help you to embrace? We see it as a sweet surrender.

Think back to a time when you were struggling and at a certain point you said, “I don’t know, I cannot do this any longer”. You threw up your hands, laid back your body and dropped the fight. You know how to do this, it is innate in your being. You know how to surrender. For many of you the word surrender carries many “hooks” and triggers. And you might ask, “What am I surrendering to? Is that safe? Will I be ok?” And we wish to hold this experience of surrender in a new light with you in this moment, and that is the experience of surrender as a return to your real self, the essence of your being that connects you to the divine, to the fluid love current.

Yes, indeed, the breath can help take you there. We actually do not see any of you returning there without the breath so it is essential that breath be used. Yet, breath is only the first step then you remember, “When I surrender I take the short cut through the woods back to home.” When the going gets really rough for many of you sensitive people there is a longing to return to home. And we watch you in this place of deep longing to return to home, to just give it all up. We hold you with such compassion because, of course, who doesn’t want to go to their deepest, most divine place of comfort, their true home. We would like to extend to you the invitation to remember that it is there within you- it is there within you. You may need to turn the lights on, clear out the clutter, turn down the noise and create a space to see that shortcut home.

And so we wish to be clear that using the shortcut does not mean that there is not intention, practice and focus involved- intention, practice and focus are essential to remember the shortcut. Nobody can give it to you. No one place, person, book or lesson will give that to you. It is a gift you give yourself in each and every moment that you choose to take a breath and to remember that there is an aspect of self that is true and real and it is right there longing to support you, to hold you. Just notice that aspect in this moment as you allow your body to receive this transmission. Notice the surrender you are allowing yourself. The thing about surrender is that you don’t know exactly what it is going to look like on the other side of that doorway because it’s new. And your true self embraces the new.

So can you give yourself the infusion of safety to trust in the process? What would you need to be infused with the safety, trust and security that is required to surrender to that shortcut home to your essence. For some of you it will be speaking up, speaking out, letting your feelings be heard perhaps for the first time. Or perhaps you have been doing that but now you will strengthen it and really let yourself have your boundaries, your preferences. Let yourself be heard and seen. And for some of you it may be time to not say anything at all, but to listen to what is going on around you and let the stillness provide a space for the energetics of your brain and your energy field rewire around this new opportunity.

Give yourself a break during these times. We do not mean a break that allows you to go into denial, we simply mean a break that allows you to integrate. Allow the spaciousness between each breath, between each decision to return you to the fluid love current that knows its way directly back to the divine that dwells within you. Hang out in this space as much as possible these days. We do not suggest that you shirk responsibilities or let go of the structure that keeps you grounded but we caution you around putting too much time into structure that you forget that much of the newness comes from resting in this expansive space of nothingness. And do remember that truth is fluid- real authentic truth for each of you individually and as a collective is fluid and it rests in the consistency of love.

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