Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The True Healer

White Star Sanctuary, Las Vegas
Channeled through KellyRose Zuvuya

We spoke last week of the Season of Presence being upon you (see "The Season of Presence" channeling). The Season of Presence meaning a season of staying present; allowing yourselves to be present with each other and acknowledging that presence as the greatest gift you could offer another. We wish tonight to expand upon that, to dive even deeper into what it means to be present and how this presence that you each carry with you- the capacity for presence- is the deepest and most profound healing that you can do for humanity, for a loved one and certainly for yourself.

At a time when there is so much happening- the holiday season brings up extra obligations and commitments and festivities- it would be fair to say that calling upon this request for presence from your inner being is perhaps quite a challenge. It may be challenging enough at times in your life when there is nothing going on, let a lone times in your life when there are pressures of holiday celebration, end of year events, closing a chapter, closing a year of growth! Of course because this is a most challenging time to practice this, we wish to extend to you an invitation to practice it with patience, and a sense of effortlessness. For it is true that being present is the most effortless thing that you could possibly do. Your mind may have you believe otherwise, but we wish to impress upon you the truth as we see it that being present and allowing Spirit to move through you is the most graceful and therefore, the most effortless thing that you can do.

Now we do not say that it is easy, for challenging that part of your brain that wants to “do” in order to feel better about your self may bring your entire perspective to a place of unraveling. Are you up for that challenge? Would you be up for that challenge if you knew that it allowed you to breathe more deeply, to love more fully, to feel more authentically, to trust more completely? Consider allowing yourself to grow more deeply in contact with yourself by being present to all that you are feeling around your intentions for creation.

It is important to clarify that what we are speaking of when we say to be present to all you are feeling is not to get caught up in, or taken over by, or overwhelmed with all that you are feeling because you over-identify with it. But rather what we are speaking of is becoming so present to all that you are feeling that you become the unbiased observer of yourself. Besides giving you more stability and allowing you to love more freely and trust more completely, would it make a difference to you if we told you that this presence that you are cultivating within yourself is the road or the path of the true healer. To be a true healer means that you are present to yourself first.

To be able to see and acknowledge the distortions in others, the problems the difficulties the pain, is one aspect- one very small aspect actually- of embodying healership as a human being. We wish to share with you our perspective that it is the embodied presence of authentic self holding a vibrational resonance of truth, security, acceptance and reverence that profoundly and most effectively opens the door for healing to occur.

You know within your very selves that when you are dealing a challenge, a struggle, a problem, it is not the friend or the guide that comes along and tells you the “way to do it” that will ultimately shift you. You know yourself from your very experience that it is the surrender on your part to a new possibility, a new way of being, of perceiving, of living and creating, that allows you to turn the corner for healing in your life. You know from your own experience that no matter what anyone tells you it is not until you are ready to embrace the new, it is not until you are ready to take a step towards a higher vibration of truth, that you will indeed make that step. And if you were to really remember the people in your life that have made the greatest impact upon the changes in your life, how do your remember them? Were they aggressive? Where they coming only from the rational mind? Or were they people that came from their hearts and from an embodiment of the path that you wished to travel down?

For many of you who are seeking this greater awareness of self and connection to self, there is also a great longing to be healers for others; and we wish to invite you to the new healers paradigm. There is a door open to you now to embrace healing from the perspective of embodiment of healing. From this paradigm we see no healer and there is no healed, it is simply the passage of one resonance, of one frequency, to another with deep, clear and authentic presence.

Now we know that this means if you are to be present with yourselves completely and authentically that you may need to cleanse more deeply than you have ever before. You will likely need to take it to the next level and become that much more aware of the limiting thoughts, beliefs and actions/reactions that you have been engaging in for eons of time. And for this, we say to you, there is also a door open.

We wish to also share with you the benefits of moving into this paradigm. One of the main benefits of moving into this new way of being a healer is that you no longer need to take in or take on the undigested emotional frequency of the other in order to be of service. Allowing yourself to be in the resonance of your true divine nature is enough. Everything else that you do is like the icing on the cake. But don’t forget that the icing and the cake are eaten together, enjoyed together: they are one. This means that all you do in the name of healing comes from this grounded and centered place of knowing, observing and anchoring into your authentic self. Being present without judgment to your self first. This is, indeed, the least selfish thing you can do, because when you connect into your authentic self first, before you offer support or healing to another you are ensuring that all support offered to the other does not come from a need within yourself. And when we say “need” we speak of the basic needs of being human: safety, security, love, acceptance, reverence and respect. When you tend to these needs inside of yourself first, you become the beacon of light, you become the vessel of forgiveness, you become the container for the Divine that is the True Healer.

Acknowledge yourselves, each of you, as healers. We invite you if you so choose, to walk through the door that is all the more open on this New Moon Eve to embrace the healer that you are from this place of grounded presence, responsibility for self. And as you walk through the door, notice that there is a guide waiting for you on the other side. This is your new healing guide- the one that is going to work with you specifically to help you find the resources and tools to deepen your observer self, to deepen your presence, to deepen your non-judgmental compassionate witness. This guide will help you tend to all the unmet needs of the child consciousness that still lives within, with grace and love.

Now standing with your guide behind you it is time to invite into the center of the circle any who you would like to send an extra blessing to, any loved one or part of the earth, anyone you would like to honor from this new perspective of awakening healership. And as you presence these people in the center of the circle, allow your guide to assist you in staying connected to the Divine Light, the Christ or Buddha consciousness, the I AM consciousness that dwells within you. And once you are anchored in that consciousness inside of yourself you may call upon the I AM consciousness within the other. See the light of their Star Being Self shining brightly before you. Hold your hands out to this being in front of you as if to say, “I am here holding space for you as I ground into the earth, into myself, into the commitment of responsibility that I pledge to be awake and aware to my own human being-ness. I hold that for you, my brother, my sister. I pledge to tend to the needs of my own mind, my own body, my own soul first, and in doing so I become a model of this healing for you.”

May all souls here be restored, may all karmic bonds be cleansed and released and may grace precede you in all that you do. So be it.

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