Saturday, February 6, 2010

Activating and Living Your Soul's Purpose Part 2

Channeled Through KellyRose Zuvuya
White Star Sanctuary, Las Vegas

We see that one of the greatest difficulties or distractions that you have as human beings embodying your Soul’s true purpose is a particular vibration that you know as doubt. The Soul, the Essence of your Soul, knows no doubt- it is simply non-existent in the realms of the Soul. However we do acknowledge the particularly human experience of doubt and all of the variations of doubt or the arms or channels that doubt can take you down: such as fear, anxiety, depression, hopelessness. Indeed, these are very common human experiences though prolonged identification with these experiences is the greatest indicator of disconnection with your Soul’s Essence. We do not tell you this to create judgment inside of yourselves or to create the experience of blaming the Self for not being rid of these human experiences, but rather we tell you this to remind you that in these moments of experiencing the vibration of doubt and its many faces, you have not only a choice but incredible resources through your positive intention to reconnect with your Soul’s Essence once again.

The Essence of your Soul is extremely creative- it does not need to know how something will be accomplished, how an obstacle will be removed or a situation will be turned around in your life. It simply uses its creative fire to transform the situation or life experience to more fully reflect its many facets of connection to Spirit and All That Is. The creative wave of your life truly rests within the fire of your Soul’s Essence. There, is of course, a distinction between the creative wave we are speaking of in this moment- the one that channels life force into new form and experiences that you have never had before creating more joy, love, harmony and balance with the natural world- and the creative wave that comes from the pre-programmed personality. Because of course there is creation that comes from this place and you know it well- it is the creation that you experience when you say, “why am I here again, why does the same thing keep happening over and over again?” We suggest that you simply notice that in fact the creation you are experiencing, again, is coming from the pre-programmed personality rather than Soul’s Essence- and in that moment you open up space for something new to come, for a new creation to flow forth.

This creative wave that comes from the Soul’s Essence can part the seas. It can move out of your way any seeming obstacle no matter how big or strong you perceive it to be. Your Soul’s Essence finds the cracks and the crevices in the programmed personality and seeps through bringing its awareness and even more so its love for you- the parts of you that have incarnated to remember.

Your Soul’s Essence longs for you to live in harmony and balance with it once again. That much we can say for each of you here. Though you each have unique and specific creations to fulfill in this lifetime, for sure we know that each of your Soul’s Essences longs for you to be much, much bigger than you are. There is a tool that you can use with your Soul’s Essence to help pave the way to this hugeness of who you are and that is to commune with the Essence of your Soul and ask it to go before you in everything you do- every meeting, conversation, etc. Whatever you engage in during the days ahead ask your Soul’s Essence to go before you and find the cracks and the crevices that it can seep through to soften your life experiences. And do not forget, Dear Ones, to ask your Soul’s Essence to connect with your Soul Family in going before you as it paves the way.

There is so much support for you here and so much to be grateful for. Allow it to seep into every cell of your body- the gratitude and the light that comes from this Soul Family, the gratitude they have for you and that which you have for them. Many of you have forgotten your Soul Family and its connection to life beyond planet Earth. Now is the time to remember and to ask this Council- your unique Soul’s Council- to go to work for you, to assist you in carving out the creations that you were meant to bring to the Earth at this time. We need not tell you that there are many creations that must come forth at this time of crumbling, of disintegrating, of chaos and confusion. You have a noble cause to promote and it is the noble cause of your Soul. Ask you Soul Family, your Council, to assist you in becoming more integrated and more whole. Remember the breathing in of Solar Light when thoughts of doubt creep in. Call upon your Soul’s Essence to be like your best friend, the one that knows you best and knows how to take your hand and climb over the hurdles together. In fact you may find that the hurdles disappear altogether. For when you truly take in the support of your Soul’s Essence there is nothing you cannot create.

Some of you need to remember what it is that you came to create and if that is true for you then we suggest that you ask your Soul’s Essence and Family to work with you in the dream time- when you go to sleep at night- and keep a record of your dreams. Go to places in nature that inspire you, especially where there is water: rivers, streams and lakes. Go to these places and allow the water to assist you in connecting with your intuitive nature, which by the way is the direct line to your Soul’s Essence. Your Soul communicates with you in symbols, signs, feelings and in the beauty of the natural world around you. Find your unique way for connecting to the language of your Soul. Be like a curious child as to what this language is for you. It is a most unique language only shared between you and your Soul. The more you practice it the more fluent you become.

It is key at this time that you find ways to connect to your Soul by spending time connecting to the Earth. For your Soul, be sure of this, your Soul longs to be here on Earth truly embodied by your physical structure. If it wants to leave, it shall leave, but we see that each of you here has a mission to accomplish. We see that your Souls have direct work to do with this Earth, this plane, this dimension. Remember that your Souls love beauty, your Souls love nurturing, your Souls love comfort… and your Souls love growth. All the growth cycle to always return you back to beauty, nurturing, comfort and peace no matter what expansion, aches, pains and challenges you go through in your growth, know that you Soul always wants you to return to the reflection of your Essence and that Essence is truly a jewel.

Take a moment to see if there is anything your Soul’s Essence wants to share with you about your particular path and ways that you can communicate more effectively with this huge light that you are.

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