Friday, February 26, 2010

Opportunity Amidst Disappointment, Challenge

Channeled Through KellyRose Zuvuya
White Star Sanctuary, Las Vegas NV

One of the defining characteristics or aspects of this great transition that humanity and the Earth are experiencing is the open door, so to speak, for new soul agreements- or as some of you know them contracts- to be entered into and carried out. Yes, it is true that there are many souls choosing to leave their bodies at this time. And, for those of you choosing to stay, you have not only the grief of losing a loved one that all human beings experience when the physical bond is no longer present but at the same time you have the disappointment that these loved ones are no longer a part of your physical experience on Earth during this most exciting and yes, challenging, time.

Many of you might not realize that there is a disappointment in these choices of your loved ones to leave the planet, and that you are dealing with being “let down” in a way. For you had not anticipated letting go of these connections at least on the physical dimension. And we see that is very difficult for you. We encourage you to allow yourselves to feel the disappointment along with the grief, to feel the sadness that an agreement or an understanding has now changed. You may mourn the loss of that agreement, and there will come a time when you will be ready to step into the opportunity that has been created now that the old agreement is no longer in place. But we do not suggest that you rush the process. Allow yourselves to grieve, to let go not only of the loved ones, but your jobs, some of your relationships (or certain dynamics within them), your home or at least what you have considered home.

Breathe, yes breathe dear ones and know that you are full of strength and tenacity to make it through these challenges, disappointments and losses. When you breathe you affirm that, yes, you are still living and you are, in fact, still choosing to create life in this body at this time. Keep inviting the breath in, for we see that stringing one breath together with the next is how you shall move through these challenges, losses and grand transmutations and transfigurations of energy. We do not lessen your pain by encouraging you to breathe or downplay your disappointment. In fact you may find that as you breathe the pain becomes more intense, the emotion becomes so real and clear. And yet, we shall remind you as we have in the past, when you breathe and allow the intensity to fill up your entire beingness it is then that you allow it to be released. It is then that you open the door to a new opportunity, a new creation with your brothers and sisters in spirit and physical form. There will be many tears of sadness and tears of cleansing and deep relief to be once again reunited with the infinite possibility that comes from your Essence.

We spoke last week of the Template of Awakening (see "Trust In The Template Of Awakening" channeling) and we wish to introduce to you another aspect of this template: the opportunity for something new, the opportunity that is being handed to you. And all that needs to be done is for you to reach for it. Say, “Yes, I accept this challenge as an opportunity for growth and change”- not only for growth and change but for the creation that will spill out of the rearranging, reorganizing and resetting of your lives in order to make space for more of you. What you may not realize is that in many of your lives there is not a whole lot of space for your Essence to shine through. Many of your jobs, relationships and environments in which you find yourselves on a daily basis only allow for so much of your Essence until you start to feel the resistance from these environments. And so when things start to shake, break apart, crumble and tumble we invite you to breathe and say yes to the opportunity for creating more space in your life for who you really are.

Now we recognize that during these moments of intense challenge there will be a tendency or a familiar way of grasping at the “old” and a feeling as though there is a black hole swallowing you up whole. And we tell you that, yes that is one option. We do not try to say this isn’t an aspect of your human experience. Yet we offer to you the possibility that this is only one experience and if you could only remember in that moment a mantra: “This is only one of an infinite amount of possibilities and shall I choose in this moment the old way of being or an opportunity to expand.”

We encourage you again as we have in the past to keep reaching out, pick up the phone, stop by a friend’s home or a place of business that holds in its mission an intent to support the community in during these changes. Simply ask for support. You will find that there are many people who are willing to simply be with you. Remind them that there is nothing that they need to do and that you need not for them to fix your problems; you need for them to be with you and remind you that you are not alone.

As things are cracking apart in your reality be curious about how much light you can let through those cracks. Are you ready for your life to change in major way? Are you ready to breathe in the opportunity, the expansion of grace in your life? Sit in a moment of gratitude for your willingness to invite this unknown newness into your life. Ask that were there is hardness, where there resistance and struggle that the part of you that knows softness grow stronger and dominate your experience of the moment. And know when you have reached your limit for this expansion for the moment and allow that to be okay too. Affirm for your yourself: I have expanded as much as I am able to for the moment and now rather than resisting the expansion I allow myself to integrate all that has just occurred. You need not put on the brakes, you only need to give yourself a soft place to land to slip back into the current of divine synchronicity and the flow of the fluid Love current.

May all Souls be restored, all karmic bonds cleansed and released, and may grace precede you in all that you do. So be it.

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