Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Collective Call To Gather Strength

Channeled By KellyRose Zuvuya
12/2/09 Full "Oak" Moon
White Star Sanctuary, Las Vegas

The call to connect with the natural forces of this Earth and of the cosmos is one of personal growth. It is a personal call that comes from within each of you and a collective call- a collective call from the cosmos, from the oneness to which you are each connected. For as you enter into the months of winter and the months of reflection and inner work, integration of all that you have created and all that you have released there is, too, a collective hibernation. It is a collective contraction and integration of what you as a collective organism upon this earth have been creating and set into motion, certainly since the beginning of time itself but especially since the old structures have begun to crumble and the old ways of being, the old paradigms, have begun to dis-integrate. And so, tonight as you allow yourself to nestle into your “mother’s lap”, your Divine Mother Earth’s unconditionally accepting lap, you are not only gathering strength for yourselves as individuals, but also for the collective- the collective momentum that is building to burst through the bubble of limitation around your ability to give and receive the love that you are.

As you contemplate the path of your particular soul’s purpose, as you sit in the mystery of its unfolding, it is helpful to visualize a large tree- whatever type of tree resonates for you. See your body as the trunk of this tree and allow the roots of your tree to be like the energetic cords that connect you to the earth. Cords that stabilize you, just as the roots of the tree stabilize, nourish, support you. This stability often comes in ways that are unseen or un-provable. See if you can simply allow yourself to settle more deeply into this great network of support that walks with you wherever you go, planting you firmly into your life, your soul’s creation.

(pause to connect to this energetic network of support)

Allow your body and your entire energy field to receive the blessing of Mother Earth beneath you- she who never goes away, she who is always just beneath our feet. Ask yourself, how would your life change if you connected in this way? If you reminded yourself of the earth beneath you, in the most trying, challenging, darkest hour? And you might say in response, “I simply do not know how my life might change, for wouldn’t there still be pain and suffering and struggle on the planet even if I remembered there was an earth beneath me? How could that possibly make a difference?” And we say to you, it simply makes a difference because it is what connects all of you in physical form.

You know that the current of love, that essence spark within each of you, is the oneness energy that connects you all spiritually. But did you know, or stop to realize, that the Mother Earth beneath you is what connects each of you as physical beings, as human beings. The level of disconnection from Mother Earth by humanity is directly related to the level of disconnection between you and among you as brothers and sisters who have forgotten that you are all related. For some of you it may be easier to connect to another human being than it is to connect to the earth; and yet for others of you it may be much easier for you to connect to the earth than to a fellow human being. And we are not necessarily speaking of those human beings whom you admire, like and are fond of. Rather we are speaking of the fellow human beings by which you are repelled, those human beings whom repulse you in their actions, anger you with their words, frustrate you with their unawareness, inconsideration.

And so we say to you, it is with these human beings that we suggest you begin to connect with by connecting first to the mother from which you all came. In doing so you will be able to create to the strength that not only supports each of you in your personal soul’s intentions for positive creation but you will be able to create and manifest the strength necessary for the human race to succeed in this next chapter of challenges. For now is the time not only to gather strength for yourself but to gather strength as a collective.

It is true that hatred, disgust, guilt, envy, jealousy, judgment, criticism create the weakest link in the template that you are all being called upon to create. And not only that, but we wish to explain that when you are in the vibration of those energies you are not a part of the solution, the team. So it is no wonder that you feel so lonely and isolated and bad. Because when you engage in these energies it is as though you have cast yourself out of the family and you have isolated yourself from the love of your mother and your father, your brothers and your sisters.

Now, is it possible to experience these negative experiences and emotions and still stay connected? Yes. And the reason is because you always have choice, one of your greatest gifts as human beings. It is your free will to choose again. For many of your responses to your fellow human beings are not responses at all, they are simply reactions to what has gone before you, to what has always been. Your reactions, therefore, are quite understandable. From our perspective there is no judgment about your judgment of self and others. It is simply an observation, shall we say, that when you choose to stay in these divisive energies your plight becomes that much harder. And yet, the reverse is true, that when you allow yourself to notice: “Ahh, I just had a most critical thought, I just felt the most disgust, anger and resentment towards that person/group of people and I am human and this is what has come before me, this is what was modeled before me.” On some level you learned this behavior, this reaction. And so while we wish to take away the idea of fault or blame in this dialogue we also wish to let you know that it is your responsibility and your empowered choice only that will allow you to release yourself from what has been- the “has been reaction”. Then align with your intention for strength not only as an individual, but as a collective, knowing that this collective consciousness of love, of strength, of determination to create more joy, bliss, peace and comfort is the direction that your soul truly wants to go.

So we encourage you to observe yourselves in relationship to others, in relationship especially with those from whom you distance yourself. Perhaps it is as close as a family member or as distant as a leader of another country; in either case, we encourage you to choose again. Gather your strength not only for your personal intention to drink form the core of Mother Earth, but to drink from the collective web of brotherhood and sisterhood. We encourage you to acknowledge your discomfort, disdain, aggravation and sadness and allow it to be here in it is fullest expression filling up every cell of your body, if you must, to give it the space that it needs to fully be seen by you in all its intensity. And then dear ones, choose again.

Choose to take a deep breath, connect to the earth beneath your feet and make a promise to your Mother: to do your very best to get along with your “siblings”, to open your hearts and allow the mind to serve the longing of your heart, and to allow the strength from the deepest depths of the rich soil beneath you to anchor that sacred, sacred space of your heart’s true longing and your soul’s true purpose. It will be a much easier ride if you don’t do this alone, if you don’t isolate yourself from this grand source of support that not only comes from the realm of Spirit, which is always here for you, but which also comes as you extend yourselves out beyond what is so easily accessible as unconditional love and challenge yourselves to love and transform even the most habitually conditioned reactions in yourself and the other.

Take a few moments now to receive the download of strength from the heavens and the upload of vitality from the Earth to support you in your personal intentions for positive creation for the coming months of this winter season. And now we will fire the grid, so to speak, among you as brothers and sisters moving through this life experience awakening each of you individually and collectively. Join us in making the sounds that will fire this grid and connect you to the strength that you all need to carry you through the coming months. Allow the crystalline template of your energy field to settle in and align with that of the collective consciousness for awakening to the one true current of energy that is love.

It is the time to draw into the circle anyone you would like to send a blessing to. Particularly anyone or any group of people that you have been having a difficult time with lately. As you breathe and allow this grid of consciousness that connects all of us to be come more apparent, central, to your soul’s individual purpose, we invite those in the center of the circle to invite that Truth to resonate within each of them. May all Souls here be restored, may all karmic bonds be cleansed and released, and may grace precede us in all that we do. So be it.

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