Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Discovering True Self During Intense Times

Channeled Through KellyRose Zuvuya
White Star Sanctuary, Las Vegas

Follow your breath into this moment. We wish to speak to you from the most gentle of vibrations and transmissions. For each of you have been through many challenges, many trials and tests of your true authentic self. In many ways you are being shown that there are aspects of you that do not belong in your everyday life any longer. And so, we wish to hold with you these spaces, places and aspects of consciousness. The idea here is not to banish or abolish any aspects of self but rather to embrace, to hold those aspects of consciousness that are longing to return to wholeness, to know the truth of love. And you are becoming those vessels of love, pure love. It does not mean you will not have aspects of self that come up and disrupt or derail you, that feel unpleasant. It simply means that as this vessel of love you are able to respond to these players, roles inside of yourself and your consciousness with the one thing that all of these aspects of your being are truly needing most.

Love is the great integrator. It is the glue that brings all fragmented aspects of self back together again. We encourage you to just be in this sea of love in this moment and for as many moments as you can remember. Be in the sea of love for it is all around you and it is providing you with the guidance that you seek. It holds the space for the anger, sadness and grief. It opens doors to new patterning in your brains. It assists you becoming what you know, deep down in your heart, that you are. Even more to the point it assists you in returning to that which you know you are.

Last week we spoke about drama and intensity ("Finding Choice During Drama and Intensity") and we hope that it brought up some new perspectives or an inner dialog with the part of you that is attached to the experiences that you are having over and over again. You may notice that as you go through these intensities you have at least two choices. One choice is to be in resistance and to fight against the intensity with more intensity. The more your resistance pushes back against what is longing to be seen, held and heard the more you experience intensity without resolution, without returning to your core. This is what we meant by drama and intensity breeding more of the same. And as we mentioned last channeling there is another choice: the choice to breathe and notice there is a doorway in front of you that you may choose to cross over the threshold of. What do you need in addition to the breath? What does the breath help you to embrace? We see it as a sweet surrender.

Think back to a time when you were struggling and at a certain point you said, “I don’t know, I cannot do this any longer”. You threw up your hands, laid back your body and dropped the fight. You know how to do this, it is innate in your being. You know how to surrender. For many of you the word surrender carries many “hooks” and triggers. And you might ask, “What am I surrendering to? Is that safe? Will I be ok?” And we wish to hold this experience of surrender in a new light with you in this moment, and that is the experience of surrender as a return to your real self, the essence of your being that connects you to the divine, to the fluid love current.

Yes, indeed, the breath can help take you there. We actually do not see any of you returning there without the breath so it is essential that breath be used. Yet, breath is only the first step then you remember, “When I surrender I take the short cut through the woods back to home.” When the going gets really rough for many of you sensitive people there is a longing to return to home. And we watch you in this place of deep longing to return to home, to just give it all up. We hold you with such compassion because, of course, who doesn’t want to go to their deepest, most divine place of comfort, their true home. We would like to extend to you the invitation to remember that it is there within you- it is there within you. You may need to turn the lights on, clear out the clutter, turn down the noise and create a space to see that shortcut home.

And so we wish to be clear that using the shortcut does not mean that there is not intention, practice and focus involved- intention, practice and focus are essential to remember the shortcut. Nobody can give it to you. No one place, person, book or lesson will give that to you. It is a gift you give yourself in each and every moment that you choose to take a breath and to remember that there is an aspect of self that is true and real and it is right there longing to support you, to hold you. Just notice that aspect in this moment as you allow your body to receive this transmission. Notice the surrender you are allowing yourself. The thing about surrender is that you don’t know exactly what it is going to look like on the other side of that doorway because it’s new. And your true self embraces the new.

So can you give yourself the infusion of safety to trust in the process? What would you need to be infused with the safety, trust and security that is required to surrender to that shortcut home to your essence. For some of you it will be speaking up, speaking out, letting your feelings be heard perhaps for the first time. Or perhaps you have been doing that but now you will strengthen it and really let yourself have your boundaries, your preferences. Let yourself be heard and seen. And for some of you it may be time to not say anything at all, but to listen to what is going on around you and let the stillness provide a space for the energetics of your brain and your energy field rewire around this new opportunity.

Give yourself a break during these times. We do not mean a break that allows you to go into denial, we simply mean a break that allows you to integrate. Allow the spaciousness between each breath, between each decision to return you to the fluid love current that knows its way directly back to the divine that dwells within you. Hang out in this space as much as possible these days. We do not suggest that you shirk responsibilities or let go of the structure that keeps you grounded but we caution you around putting too much time into structure that you forget that much of the newness comes from resting in this expansive space of nothingness. And do remember that truth is fluid- real authentic truth for each of you individually and as a collective is fluid and it rests in the consistency of love.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finding Choice During Drama And Intensity

Channeled Through KellyRose Zuvuya
White Star Sanctuary Las Vegas, NV

Many of you speak of being clear and stepping out of the drama in your lives. Many of you are aware that as you get caught up in the dramatic experiences you begin to feel a greater sense of unrest and unease. There is another aspect of this intention to step out of the dramatic cycle of life and that is that when you step out of the story and the reaction upon reaction you allow yourselves to come back into your Essence, your center, your authentic self. We see that you experience varying degrees of this stepping out and stepping back into the deep intensity of life experiences. For each of you are working on a different level of awareness of these hooks that pull you into the storm, the chaos or perhaps simply a deeply emotional reaction that takes you away from you core. We wish to illuminate the experience of the dramatic because we see that it is being reflected in your personal lives as well as the collective experience and Mother Earth herself.

We see that there is a deep attachment to the dramatic; you don’t need us to tell you that your movie/film industry thrives upon this attachment to drama. We invite you to simply become curious about what role the dramatic takes in you life. How does it teach you, how does it serve to offer an understanding of your awakening? How is the experience of the dramatic making things easier for you, or more difficult and complex? What is your relationship to the dramatic? Does it help you to feel your life force? Does it help you to feel alive? Does it simply offer up an experience to overcome, to help you feel as though you have accomplished something? For some the dramatic translates into “productive”.
Just allow yourself to notice how you experience drama, intensity.

Perhaps there are many ways you experience it from pleasurable and joyful to painful or deeply discomforting. We encourage you not to put judgment on your observations of self in relation to the dramatic but simply notice that dramatic, intense experiences have been the way that change has occurred for a very long time on planet Earth. For some the dramatic is a great release, a great relief and yet, deeply void of the real peace that you seek. We wish to express to you our perception that the dramatic only breeds more drama.

For some, the intense experience of watching the Earth crack and crumble brings a sort of release inside your bodies and energy fields. There is an opening up around these sorts of dramatic shifts. When we say to you that you and Mother Earth are mirroring to each other humanity’s deep attachment to drama we mean that you can find it in every aspect of life. And so, we wish you offer you a possibility that you do not try to abolish all intensity and drama in your life but rather, use the dramatic experiences to practice making a new choice to step back into the calm current that is the universal fluid love force.

Sometimes the dramatic helps you to see things that you have not wanted to see. Sometimes the intense pile-up of emotion and situations and relationship brings everything so crystal clear so that you are sure not to miss it. We see it as though your higher self is nudging you, gently pushing, for you to see the way in which your patterns, beliefs and ways of being have been in the shadow, or underground, for a long time. Could you- once you get the understanding, the point the dramatic is intending to make in your life- stop, let go, breathe even if it is just for a moment and notice the calm in the eye of the storm. Notice in that moment the open door right in front of you. Sure, you can stay right where you are and it is not wrong- or you could go back through the door that you came. We encourage you, however, at this time to notice that you have a new door opening in front of you in the midst of these intensities.

The attachment to the dramatic and intensified reaction will always keep you on the familiar side of that door. What propels you through that door to the new option, freedom, creativity and expression is breath and empowered choice to experience something different, to grow beyond the room that you have been in. And so we say to you, if you are not ready to leave that dramatic situation or intensity of the “room” in which you dwell in your consciousness then proclaim it in that moment and make it very known to your consciousness: “I am not ready to leave this room and I will not leave it in this moment, I will stay right here”. And then see how you feel once you have said that to yourself, really acknowledging that as the choice you are making. Then when you are ready to move beyond what you have known reach out, reach up and receive the hands and hearts that support you in crossing over that threshold. When you take that step notice the stillness, notice that there is no urge or urgency to do something because your brain needs to rewire around this new opportunity, this new choice, first.

Be patient with yourselves in this process. Know that this intensity you have experienced is the great addiction of humankind. Some of you have experienced in the physical form or witness others in your lives addicted to substances or behaviors. It is the intensity that grabs you in these addictions. Just notice over the next weeks your response to the intensity of energy around each of you in its own way. If you can remember just one thing in the midst of your awakening to this experience of the dramatic in your life make it the breath. The breath will always create space for you to see the door that is open in front of you.

It is now time to presence any in your life that you would like to offer a blessing to, perhaps someone who is going through a deeply intense and dramatic experience. Presence their energy, their beingness before you. As you see their faces and bodies breathe and allow yourself to connect to the stillness of your Essence, the calm of your connection to the Divine. Allow that connection to ripple out to those before you. Honor the way that this intensity is teaching this person and honor within them the choice to come back to center, the authentic, real self that dwells within. Envision a large pitcher of grace pouring down upon yourself and the others through the crown chakra.

May all souls be restored, may all karmic bonds be cleansed and released and may grace precede you in all that you do. So be it.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Opportunity Amidst Disappointment, Challenge

Channeled Through KellyRose Zuvuya
White Star Sanctuary, Las Vegas NV

One of the defining characteristics or aspects of this great transition that humanity and the Earth are experiencing is the open door, so to speak, for new soul agreements- or as some of you know them contracts- to be entered into and carried out. Yes, it is true that there are many souls choosing to leave their bodies at this time. And, for those of you choosing to stay, you have not only the grief of losing a loved one that all human beings experience when the physical bond is no longer present but at the same time you have the disappointment that these loved ones are no longer a part of your physical experience on Earth during this most exciting and yes, challenging, time.

Many of you might not realize that there is a disappointment in these choices of your loved ones to leave the planet, and that you are dealing with being “let down” in a way. For you had not anticipated letting go of these connections at least on the physical dimension. And we see that is very difficult for you. We encourage you to allow yourselves to feel the disappointment along with the grief, to feel the sadness that an agreement or an understanding has now changed. You may mourn the loss of that agreement, and there will come a time when you will be ready to step into the opportunity that has been created now that the old agreement is no longer in place. But we do not suggest that you rush the process. Allow yourselves to grieve, to let go not only of the loved ones, but your jobs, some of your relationships (or certain dynamics within them), your home or at least what you have considered home.

Breathe, yes breathe dear ones and know that you are full of strength and tenacity to make it through these challenges, disappointments and losses. When you breathe you affirm that, yes, you are still living and you are, in fact, still choosing to create life in this body at this time. Keep inviting the breath in, for we see that stringing one breath together with the next is how you shall move through these challenges, losses and grand transmutations and transfigurations of energy. We do not lessen your pain by encouraging you to breathe or downplay your disappointment. In fact you may find that as you breathe the pain becomes more intense, the emotion becomes so real and clear. And yet, we shall remind you as we have in the past, when you breathe and allow the intensity to fill up your entire beingness it is then that you allow it to be released. It is then that you open the door to a new opportunity, a new creation with your brothers and sisters in spirit and physical form. There will be many tears of sadness and tears of cleansing and deep relief to be once again reunited with the infinite possibility that comes from your Essence.

We spoke last week of the Template of Awakening (see "Trust In The Template Of Awakening" channeling) and we wish to introduce to you another aspect of this template: the opportunity for something new, the opportunity that is being handed to you. And all that needs to be done is for you to reach for it. Say, “Yes, I accept this challenge as an opportunity for growth and change”- not only for growth and change but for the creation that will spill out of the rearranging, reorganizing and resetting of your lives in order to make space for more of you. What you may not realize is that in many of your lives there is not a whole lot of space for your Essence to shine through. Many of your jobs, relationships and environments in which you find yourselves on a daily basis only allow for so much of your Essence until you start to feel the resistance from these environments. And so when things start to shake, break apart, crumble and tumble we invite you to breathe and say yes to the opportunity for creating more space in your life for who you really are.

Now we recognize that during these moments of intense challenge there will be a tendency or a familiar way of grasping at the “old” and a feeling as though there is a black hole swallowing you up whole. And we tell you that, yes that is one option. We do not try to say this isn’t an aspect of your human experience. Yet we offer to you the possibility that this is only one experience and if you could only remember in that moment a mantra: “This is only one of an infinite amount of possibilities and shall I choose in this moment the old way of being or an opportunity to expand.”

We encourage you again as we have in the past to keep reaching out, pick up the phone, stop by a friend’s home or a place of business that holds in its mission an intent to support the community in during these changes. Simply ask for support. You will find that there are many people who are willing to simply be with you. Remind them that there is nothing that they need to do and that you need not for them to fix your problems; you need for them to be with you and remind you that you are not alone.

As things are cracking apart in your reality be curious about how much light you can let through those cracks. Are you ready for your life to change in major way? Are you ready to breathe in the opportunity, the expansion of grace in your life? Sit in a moment of gratitude for your willingness to invite this unknown newness into your life. Ask that were there is hardness, where there resistance and struggle that the part of you that knows softness grow stronger and dominate your experience of the moment. And know when you have reached your limit for this expansion for the moment and allow that to be okay too. Affirm for your yourself: I have expanded as much as I am able to for the moment and now rather than resisting the expansion I allow myself to integrate all that has just occurred. You need not put on the brakes, you only need to give yourself a soft place to land to slip back into the current of divine synchronicity and the flow of the fluid Love current.

May all Souls be restored, all karmic bonds cleansed and released, and may grace precede you in all that you do. So be it.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Trust In The Template Of Awakening

Channeled Through KellyRose Zuvuya
White Star Sanctuary, Las Vegas NV

You have become increasingly aware that there is great potential to create a new reality, a new world, and let go of all that is no longer thriving. And we see that one of the keys to the creation of this newness is trust. To open yourself to a new level of trust in the unknown, in the new, in what is yet to be born is to take yourself out of what you have known, what you have clung to, or held onto sometimes for dear life. Without trust you will find ways to meet your need for safety in the old ways of being, keeping you in its vibration, its reality. This is of course not wrong but it is very limiting because you become unable to move forward in a way that your soul truly longs to experience.

When you speak of “letting go” it is trust that must fill your consciousness, it is trust that you must breathe into. Once you do this you will find that the cells of your body begin to relax and readjust, and they will begin to “click into place” with the new world that is birthing. In contrast, when you are in fear, doubt, uncertainty, hopelessness and discouragement you are in what has been: the “has been” reality. If you are to reach for the new experience of life, an awakening based in a template of prosperity with its abundance of love and flow, then it is necessary for you to become aware of those moments when you are vibrating with the old way of being. Then simply use your breath and your intention to reconnect with the Template of Awakening that has both descended upon and ascended within humanity and the Earth.

We encourage you to practice this often and to know that each of you will experience the moments of fluctuation between the two realities quite often. There will be pockets of time, and have been in the recent days and weeks, wherein those fluctuations become more obvious and rapid. And all at once the doubt, anxiety, depression seems to overtake you. So we want to encourage you to develop the aspect of you that is the observer self- the one who sees from the larger perspective. Make an agreement with the observer part of you that you will catch this experience of hopelessness and doubt as simply that: an experience through which you will choose to breathe and reach towards the Template of Awakening that is all around you.

For even as you do not see the creations happening in your life yet as you would like them to be, there is much effort and work being done on your behalf by your spirit guides, helpers, angels. Allow yourself to open to it, to reconnect with it and to remember its importance in your letting go. For coming back in touch with the support that surrounds you is indeed a large part of this Template of Awakening.

The emotions you experience will often times create for you the possibility of struggle, and when you are in struggle you are not open to support nor this template that we speak of. Now we do not wish to see you put more struggle on top of your struggle with judgment when you are experiencing this resistance inside of yourself. But simply notice that when you struggle (the indication of struggle will be the amplified experience of pushing- whether physically, mentally or even spiritually- to get something done, to change a situation or pushing to create) you are not open to the support you long to receive.

We invite and encourage you to create only when you are in the space of effortlessness and allowing the creations that you feel in your heart to be shared with others because you are compelled and excited. And we encourage you to trust other needs that must be tended to inside of you- needs for rest in particular, needs for good food, nourishment, water, movement of your body, prayer, connection with loved ones. See in this moment if there is one of these needs that you have been neglecting in the pursuit of creating something. For we see that no creation that longs to come through you from your Soul’s purpose would ever need to neglect one of your basic needs. Your humanity and your Soul’s purpose are meant to co-exist. Your need for rest, integration and down time is meant to co-exist with your Soul’s creative urge.

When you develop trust in both your humanity and your Soul’s creative purpose you click into and become a part of the new Template of Awakening. With your breath feel yourself expanding to include more of your Soul’s Essence. With each breath you open to more of your expansive spirit and with each exhale you allow it to integrate with your personality and your body. There is much that needs to fall into place in order for many of your Soul’s creations to come to fruition. We encourage you at this time: don’t give up on your certainty of a more loving, safe and respective experience of life. When you find yourself hitting a wall of resistance, step back from what you are doing and breathe into who you are becoming.

Remind yourself: “There is enough time, there is enough support and I am enough”. Keep your visions alive for what you wish to create in this world- don’t let them go. Tend to your human needs, put one foot in front of another and hold onto your large visions of what you wish to create. Even if that is simply a more expansive experience of your Soul’s purpose as it integrates more thoroughly into your human body. Now is not the time to give up on your dreams, but now is the time to give up the gripping, the holding on and the need for control. Tap into the fluidity of your dreams, trusting in the way they support your Soul’s growth.

Allow yourself daily to take in the vibration of support through the 1st chakra as trust, through the 2nd chakra as acceptance for self, through the 3rd as reverence for the life that you are, through the 4th as Love for all your relations, through the 5th as your unique truth spoken and expressed in Love, through the 6th as your hopes, wishes and dreams in vision form, and through the 7th chakra as the knowledge that connects you to Great Spirit. If you were to breathe into your energy centers once a day remembering each of these vibrations, you will begin to stretch and expand yourself automatically into the Template of Awakening and the support for the newness you wish to create.

So be it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

You Are The Divine Love-Maker

Channeled Through KellyRose Zuvuya
White Star, Las Vegas, NV

Breathe in simultaneously to your 2nd, 4th and 6th chakras allowing the fluid Love current to circulate throughout your entire beingness, blessing the temple of your body.

Why choose Love? There are many choices one can make in everyday life and in general when it comes to decisions, large and small. Why choose Love? The decision to choose love is one of self-allowance to be a part of something greater than the isolated self. When you choose love you bring yourself back into connection and continuity with the helpful forces of this universe- when you choose love you are not alone you are supported by a vibration that transcends your attachment to pain, being small, being in lack. When you choose love you open like a flower. See if you can in this moment feel yourself breathing into your energy centers that have just been opened and sense in each of them a flower opening to take in the Sun, the warmth of this Sun is Love itself.

You came here to experience the difference between being disconnected from Love and being connected to it. Throughout your day you experience some of each of them. Ask yourself now if you have been experiencing more of the connection to Love than the disconnection from it. Or perhaps it is the reverse for you at this time. Can you allow yourself to simply notice without judgment- and then continue to drink in the current of liquid Love all around you.

You are the reason that Love is here, you are the reason that Love exists and Love is the reason that you exist. Some of you have been asking lately: “Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is the point?” We invite you to drink the vibration of Love into these questions. We invite you to open your sense of value to a greater infusion of Love. Love is really quite simple- it is the mind that likes to complicate. Whatever problems or difficulties you are having in your life at this time, we invite you simply drink in the vibration of Love and see what happens for you. Even if the only thing you feel is a little bit peace or relaxation from this Divine Love Activation could that be enough to reset your sense of purpose into a mode of being rather than doing? For Love is not what you do. Love is simply how open you are and from that place your actions will flow forth in a manner that reflects the true vibration of Love.

In the coming hours and days, see if you can breathe into the openness- the open door of Love. See if through your mundane activities, your meditations, your conversations you can bring the spirit of Love making alive. For many associate the spirit of love making only with sexuality but we see that you can create in your life everything that you do from this place of Love-making. What would that take? Perhaps it would take a dose of passion, pleasure, excitement, tenderness. We invite you to bring all aspects of Divine Love-making into your daily life. Could you make Love with dishes as you are washing them in the sink? It may sound rather silly or strange but we invite you to play with that. Play with making Love as you drive, as you work.

Be the Divine Love-Maker in your life. For the Divine rests within each of you and you are the ones that create from Love, with Love and back to Love once again. You are the Divine Love-Makers. Breathe and say yes to this new found sense of the Love current in your body. Welcome any places of resistance, pain, blockage, numbness to be a part of your Divine Love-making. Gather up all of these parts of your body that you have discounted, become angry or frustrated with and wrap them in a blanket of acceptance. Let yourself play like a child. Return to the childlike state of the Divine Love-Maker within you.

May all Souls be restored, may all karmic bonds be cleansed and released and may grace precede you in all that you do.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Manifesting With The Circular, Fluid Love Current

Channeled Through KellyRose Zuvuya
White Star Sanctuary, Las Vegas NV

It is time for each of you to awaken to the unique skills and abilities that you have brought forth into this lifetime to transform, to create and to better understand your world. Many new technologies are arising not only from the left-brain aspect of your humanity but also what we see as an impressive array of technologies arising from the right side of your brain: the creative, intuitive and telepathic aspect of your humanity. This is as of yet a much under-appreciated, under-valued aspect of your culture that is indeed changing. There is much for you to open yourselves to by simply allowing it to occur. All that one needs is the readiness, the willingness to experience a whole new perspective on yourselves as beings of energy in motion.

For the potential of your creativity is vast to say the least. And we wish to remind you of this vastness even if your human form has its limitations. There is a reason why you have chosen to be in physical form: so that you could develop discernment around the creations that you would choose to put forth from this vast, infinite pool of possibilities. To develop the discernment of creation is one of the greatest gifts of being human. To develop the creations and the causes and effects of your creations is in fact one of the greatest sources of your power. You may find yourselves in this moment acknowledging your trepidation around your power. For many humans the word power brings up so many anxieties and we say to you that many of these perspectives on power are true and some are simply misconceptions. See if you can open, in this moment, to a Divine expression of your power resting deep inside of your human heart.

The power to love and be loved is one of the greatest sources of these right-brained technologies that we speak of. In reality the expansion of this technology that each of you will bring forth in a new and unique way must be tempered by love- so that you can be in integrity with your Divine Self. Of course there are many creations that are out of integrity with this divinity and love that you are. From our perspective there is no judgment on this, yet we see each of you experiencing struggle in your life that results from being out of integrity with the love in your heart. To be out of integrity simply means that you are not whole with the love that you are. It is a simple not a complex truth to understand. And to return back to this integrity is also simple. It may not always be easy- simple does not always mean easy- yet it is filled with fluid, flowing grace.

To be in integrity is the potential to be connected to the fluid nature within and among yourselves, your planet and the Divine itself. And as each of you embark on the journey of embodying your Soul’s true purpose we acknowledge in you the divinity that you are and the humanity that you are working with. The greatest conduit of integrity between the two aspects of yourself- divinity and humanity, the infinite and the finite- is Love. Ask yourselves, what shall I create in the way of a new intuitive technology for myself? Then ask the current of Love to wash you from the inside out, allow the current of Love to be the wavelength that you travel as you gain the skills, the understanding, and the remembrance of these new technologies. You do not need to know how to discover this creation. You simply need to align with your readiness.

How do you know you are ready? Breathe and feel the readiness within you to feel something so new and beyond your current life experience that only the heart of a child would be so brave as to embrace this newness. See yourself as a child standing before you. Picture yourself as the memory you carry of your self as a young one playing effortlessly. Allow this child aspect of you to center into your heartspace- the sacred space of your heart. Take another deep breath. Allow the curiosity to envelop you. What have you come to develop in the way of your intuitive and other-worldy vision in human form? What have you brought from another place and another time to manifest into the third dimension. How shall you bridge the highest aspect of your Soul’s Essence with this physical reality? Notice in this moment the fluid nature, the “bendability”, of the physical world around you. It is not as solid as you may perceive it to be most of the time.

We suggest to you an exercise of breathing into each moment of your creative meditation the fluidity not only of your own body, but breathe as well into the fluidity of the physicality around you. Notice that it is one current of energy shared between you and whatever it is that you would like to manifest. Breathe into the fluidity of your manifestation. Breathe into the fluid nature of love. Now, take one thing, one relationship or situation that you would like to manifest right now and practice this so that it really anchors into your consciousness. For in this moment there are a multitude of energy lines and beings here to support you in this process.

Begin to visualize this thing, relationship or situation or presence it in front of you with a feeling if you are not visual. Then breathe into your body the fluid nature of your cells, notice that you are energy in motion. Feel the cellular structure of your body circulating. Then begin to notice the fluid nature in this thing or experience that you would like to manifest. Breathe into its cellular structure and its fluidity. As you breathe there is a circle of fluidity that rises up out of your crown chakra and into this manifestion and around again back into your first or root chakra. Breathe the circular breath of fluid love through yourself and into this manifestation. Allow it to happen effortlessly- you know how to do this intuitively. Simply allow your right brain to take over in this experience and keep breathing the circular, fluid nature of this love current into that which you long to experience.

We wish to again remind you that there is so much support surrounding the Earth plane at this time. Please call upon us. Call upon our support through your sacred human heart, knowing that all of the Love you call upon from this place is of the highest light. We cannot assist you without your permission. We are longing, from our heartspace, to be with you and to lift the veil together. This Love builds upon itself through out your waking experience of life until its circular, fluid nature surrounds you, envelops you, guides you through each and every moment of your human experience.

May all Soul’s be restored, may all karmic bonds be cleansed and released and may grace precede you in all that you do.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Activating & Living Your Soul's Purpose Part 1

Channeled Through KellyRose Zuvuya
Eugene, OR

Breathe and allow the connection between your personality, your body and your soul. The sacred geometry of your soul is beginning to inform you and provide structure for you to embody the next steps of your soul’s unique purpose at this time, in this space, in this body. Breathe for a few moments to receive any guidance that your soul has to offer you at this time.

Embodying the soul’s true purpose is indeed a dance. Allow yourselves to find the music of your soul with which you make this dance. Truly stepping into your soul’s purpose at this time requires great courage. For each of you here has chosen soul’s purposes that challenge the status quo- that challenge the way things have always been to create something new. And therefore, there are no textbooks or maps for your unique soul’s purpose, there is simply this dance between expansion out to receive the information from your soul with which to create your life and the contraction or integration of this information into your personality. Many of you will need to develop the patience that it takes to learn this dance with finesse and ease. As long as you are committed to embodying your soul’s purpose, you will learn the dance. The amount of patience that you cultivate during this process will save you many “bruised toes”, shall we say.

Coordinating your personality and physical body with the guidance from your soul takes awareness, contemplation, acceptance and loving kindness towards your self. Knowing that your soul has incarnated particular aspects of itself into your personality in order for them to come back into wholeness may give you some peace of mind when it comes to accepting and loving aspects of your personality that may be less than desirable from your perspective. Keep in mind, however, that this perspective is the personality’s perspective. From the larger soul essence perspective, all aspects, even of your personality are accepted and loved- for from this perspective it is easy to see that they are aspects of being that are longing for integration and wholeness.

For some of you developing patience is the next step and for some of you stepping forward without knowing where you are headed is the next step. See if you can notice which one of those might be harder for you to do, and we invite you to consider the possibility that the one that is more difficult to consider is the one you are needing in order to embody your soul’s purpose at the next level of development.

For many of you, embodying your soul’s purpose will feel like stepping out on a limb. But we wish to remind or encourage you that this is not in fact a limb that becomes smaller and smaller, bending as you step out onto it. Rather, it is as though you are walking closer and closer to the trunk of the tree. See if that image begins to reverse the way that you look at stepping into your purpose. If you are stepping closer to the tree perhaps there is more stability there, perhaps there is more grounding and strength and intention for life.

The sacred geometry of your soul’s purpose at this time is a source of light information which will work on your personality and those aspects that are in resistance if you choose to use it on a daily basis. Even thinking of it for a few moments as you fall asleep at night or as you wake up in the morning will help you to connect in with its wisdom and its guidance and clarity for you. Your soul’s sacred geometry changes depending on where you are on the trajectory of embodiment of its purpose. So notice what the sacred geometry or shape is at this time, familiarize yourself with it and yet allow it to change over time as the physical manifestation of your soul’s purpose plays itself out and reveals itself in the world around you.

You may also notice that as you embody more of this sacred geometry and allow it to inform your life and your personality there may be aspects of your life that change rapidly. There may be relationships or situations in your life that intensify. This is because they are no longer a resonant match for you and now that you are placing your focus upon them though the incredible light of your soul, those areas of non-resonance will become louder. How you choose to respond to that is of course your free will. If it is your choice to respond to these changes in your life with grace then we encourage you to keep walking towards the trunk of the tree- keep sourcing upon that support and keep grounding into your positive intention. Call upon these beings of light that have circled around you. Return to your temple of light and sound the sound of your soul. Allow yourselves to have this communion, for each time you do it, it will strengthen your courage, clarity, your resilience.

Know that this sacred geometrical structure is changing the very DNA of your cells. You may want different things to eat from what you are used to. You make crave water from the purest sources. You may find that certain areas of the country and possibly the world will call to you in very strong ways. We encourage you to pay attention to all of the ways that your soul is communicating through the cells of your body, and give yourselves what you need. Learn to tune into what you need. Practice asking yourself, “What do I need right now?” As you develop the ability to ask the question and to receive the answer around your human needs, you indeed build a bridge over which your soul can pass into your body that much more easily and with that much more grace.

Breathe and allow this process to continue within you in this moment. Ask yourself the question, “What do I need right now in my life?” Ask your soul to assist you in understanding the root of this need. The root of your needs will be safety, trust, security, love, acceptance, reverence and respect. Ask your soul to keep informing you of the root of your needs throughout your day and know that it is your responsibility- your personality’s responsibility- to commit to meeting those needs at the root. The more you spend time in the sacred geometry of your soul’s purpose the more you feel the crystalline support of its structure filtering down into the physical structure of your body and your environment.

Take a few moments to see if there is anything your soul would like to tell you about your next step on the unfoldment of your purpose. If at any time you feel like you are being pushed beyond what feels comfortable for you, allow yourself to sit in stillness with this sacred geometrical structure of support around you and ask yourself do I need to slow down and develop patience for this process or do I need to take this next step even if I don’t know where it is leading me. For the truth is your soul’s purpose is unfolding and though your soul has a greater perspective on what is happening, there are aspects of your purpose that have yet to reveal themselves. So let your selves become comfortable with sitting in the unknown.

May all souls here be fully restored, may all karmic bonds be cleansed and released and may grace precede you in all that you do.