Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finding Choice During Drama And Intensity

Channeled Through KellyRose Zuvuya
White Star Sanctuary Las Vegas, NV

Many of you speak of being clear and stepping out of the drama in your lives. Many of you are aware that as you get caught up in the dramatic experiences you begin to feel a greater sense of unrest and unease. There is another aspect of this intention to step out of the dramatic cycle of life and that is that when you step out of the story and the reaction upon reaction you allow yourselves to come back into your Essence, your center, your authentic self. We see that you experience varying degrees of this stepping out and stepping back into the deep intensity of life experiences. For each of you are working on a different level of awareness of these hooks that pull you into the storm, the chaos or perhaps simply a deeply emotional reaction that takes you away from you core. We wish to illuminate the experience of the dramatic because we see that it is being reflected in your personal lives as well as the collective experience and Mother Earth herself.

We see that there is a deep attachment to the dramatic; you don’t need us to tell you that your movie/film industry thrives upon this attachment to drama. We invite you to simply become curious about what role the dramatic takes in you life. How does it teach you, how does it serve to offer an understanding of your awakening? How is the experience of the dramatic making things easier for you, or more difficult and complex? What is your relationship to the dramatic? Does it help you to feel your life force? Does it help you to feel alive? Does it simply offer up an experience to overcome, to help you feel as though you have accomplished something? For some the dramatic translates into “productive”.
Just allow yourself to notice how you experience drama, intensity.

Perhaps there are many ways you experience it from pleasurable and joyful to painful or deeply discomforting. We encourage you not to put judgment on your observations of self in relation to the dramatic but simply notice that dramatic, intense experiences have been the way that change has occurred for a very long time on planet Earth. For some the dramatic is a great release, a great relief and yet, deeply void of the real peace that you seek. We wish to express to you our perception that the dramatic only breeds more drama.

For some, the intense experience of watching the Earth crack and crumble brings a sort of release inside your bodies and energy fields. There is an opening up around these sorts of dramatic shifts. When we say to you that you and Mother Earth are mirroring to each other humanity’s deep attachment to drama we mean that you can find it in every aspect of life. And so, we wish you offer you a possibility that you do not try to abolish all intensity and drama in your life but rather, use the dramatic experiences to practice making a new choice to step back into the calm current that is the universal fluid love force.

Sometimes the dramatic helps you to see things that you have not wanted to see. Sometimes the intense pile-up of emotion and situations and relationship brings everything so crystal clear so that you are sure not to miss it. We see it as though your higher self is nudging you, gently pushing, for you to see the way in which your patterns, beliefs and ways of being have been in the shadow, or underground, for a long time. Could you- once you get the understanding, the point the dramatic is intending to make in your life- stop, let go, breathe even if it is just for a moment and notice the calm in the eye of the storm. Notice in that moment the open door right in front of you. Sure, you can stay right where you are and it is not wrong- or you could go back through the door that you came. We encourage you, however, at this time to notice that you have a new door opening in front of you in the midst of these intensities.

The attachment to the dramatic and intensified reaction will always keep you on the familiar side of that door. What propels you through that door to the new option, freedom, creativity and expression is breath and empowered choice to experience something different, to grow beyond the room that you have been in. And so we say to you, if you are not ready to leave that dramatic situation or intensity of the “room” in which you dwell in your consciousness then proclaim it in that moment and make it very known to your consciousness: “I am not ready to leave this room and I will not leave it in this moment, I will stay right here”. And then see how you feel once you have said that to yourself, really acknowledging that as the choice you are making. Then when you are ready to move beyond what you have known reach out, reach up and receive the hands and hearts that support you in crossing over that threshold. When you take that step notice the stillness, notice that there is no urge or urgency to do something because your brain needs to rewire around this new opportunity, this new choice, first.

Be patient with yourselves in this process. Know that this intensity you have experienced is the great addiction of humankind. Some of you have experienced in the physical form or witness others in your lives addicted to substances or behaviors. It is the intensity that grabs you in these addictions. Just notice over the next weeks your response to the intensity of energy around each of you in its own way. If you can remember just one thing in the midst of your awakening to this experience of the dramatic in your life make it the breath. The breath will always create space for you to see the door that is open in front of you.

It is now time to presence any in your life that you would like to offer a blessing to, perhaps someone who is going through a deeply intense and dramatic experience. Presence their energy, their beingness before you. As you see their faces and bodies breathe and allow yourself to connect to the stillness of your Essence, the calm of your connection to the Divine. Allow that connection to ripple out to those before you. Honor the way that this intensity is teaching this person and honor within them the choice to come back to center, the authentic, real self that dwells within. Envision a large pitcher of grace pouring down upon yourself and the others through the crown chakra.

May all souls be restored, may all karmic bonds be cleansed and released and may grace precede you in all that you do. So be it.

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