Saturday, February 6, 2010

Activating & Living Your Soul's Purpose Part 1

Channeled Through KellyRose Zuvuya
Eugene, OR

Breathe and allow the connection between your personality, your body and your soul. The sacred geometry of your soul is beginning to inform you and provide structure for you to embody the next steps of your soul’s unique purpose at this time, in this space, in this body. Breathe for a few moments to receive any guidance that your soul has to offer you at this time.

Embodying the soul’s true purpose is indeed a dance. Allow yourselves to find the music of your soul with which you make this dance. Truly stepping into your soul’s purpose at this time requires great courage. For each of you here has chosen soul’s purposes that challenge the status quo- that challenge the way things have always been to create something new. And therefore, there are no textbooks or maps for your unique soul’s purpose, there is simply this dance between expansion out to receive the information from your soul with which to create your life and the contraction or integration of this information into your personality. Many of you will need to develop the patience that it takes to learn this dance with finesse and ease. As long as you are committed to embodying your soul’s purpose, you will learn the dance. The amount of patience that you cultivate during this process will save you many “bruised toes”, shall we say.

Coordinating your personality and physical body with the guidance from your soul takes awareness, contemplation, acceptance and loving kindness towards your self. Knowing that your soul has incarnated particular aspects of itself into your personality in order for them to come back into wholeness may give you some peace of mind when it comes to accepting and loving aspects of your personality that may be less than desirable from your perspective. Keep in mind, however, that this perspective is the personality’s perspective. From the larger soul essence perspective, all aspects, even of your personality are accepted and loved- for from this perspective it is easy to see that they are aspects of being that are longing for integration and wholeness.

For some of you developing patience is the next step and for some of you stepping forward without knowing where you are headed is the next step. See if you can notice which one of those might be harder for you to do, and we invite you to consider the possibility that the one that is more difficult to consider is the one you are needing in order to embody your soul’s purpose at the next level of development.

For many of you, embodying your soul’s purpose will feel like stepping out on a limb. But we wish to remind or encourage you that this is not in fact a limb that becomes smaller and smaller, bending as you step out onto it. Rather, it is as though you are walking closer and closer to the trunk of the tree. See if that image begins to reverse the way that you look at stepping into your purpose. If you are stepping closer to the tree perhaps there is more stability there, perhaps there is more grounding and strength and intention for life.

The sacred geometry of your soul’s purpose at this time is a source of light information which will work on your personality and those aspects that are in resistance if you choose to use it on a daily basis. Even thinking of it for a few moments as you fall asleep at night or as you wake up in the morning will help you to connect in with its wisdom and its guidance and clarity for you. Your soul’s sacred geometry changes depending on where you are on the trajectory of embodiment of its purpose. So notice what the sacred geometry or shape is at this time, familiarize yourself with it and yet allow it to change over time as the physical manifestation of your soul’s purpose plays itself out and reveals itself in the world around you.

You may also notice that as you embody more of this sacred geometry and allow it to inform your life and your personality there may be aspects of your life that change rapidly. There may be relationships or situations in your life that intensify. This is because they are no longer a resonant match for you and now that you are placing your focus upon them though the incredible light of your soul, those areas of non-resonance will become louder. How you choose to respond to that is of course your free will. If it is your choice to respond to these changes in your life with grace then we encourage you to keep walking towards the trunk of the tree- keep sourcing upon that support and keep grounding into your positive intention. Call upon these beings of light that have circled around you. Return to your temple of light and sound the sound of your soul. Allow yourselves to have this communion, for each time you do it, it will strengthen your courage, clarity, your resilience.

Know that this sacred geometrical structure is changing the very DNA of your cells. You may want different things to eat from what you are used to. You make crave water from the purest sources. You may find that certain areas of the country and possibly the world will call to you in very strong ways. We encourage you to pay attention to all of the ways that your soul is communicating through the cells of your body, and give yourselves what you need. Learn to tune into what you need. Practice asking yourself, “What do I need right now?” As you develop the ability to ask the question and to receive the answer around your human needs, you indeed build a bridge over which your soul can pass into your body that much more easily and with that much more grace.

Breathe and allow this process to continue within you in this moment. Ask yourself the question, “What do I need right now in my life?” Ask your soul to assist you in understanding the root of this need. The root of your needs will be safety, trust, security, love, acceptance, reverence and respect. Ask your soul to keep informing you of the root of your needs throughout your day and know that it is your responsibility- your personality’s responsibility- to commit to meeting those needs at the root. The more you spend time in the sacred geometry of your soul’s purpose the more you feel the crystalline support of its structure filtering down into the physical structure of your body and your environment.

Take a few moments to see if there is anything your soul would like to tell you about your next step on the unfoldment of your purpose. If at any time you feel like you are being pushed beyond what feels comfortable for you, allow yourself to sit in stillness with this sacred geometrical structure of support around you and ask yourself do I need to slow down and develop patience for this process or do I need to take this next step even if I don’t know where it is leading me. For the truth is your soul’s purpose is unfolding and though your soul has a greater perspective on what is happening, there are aspects of your purpose that have yet to reveal themselves. So let your selves become comfortable with sitting in the unknown.

May all souls here be fully restored, may all karmic bonds be cleansed and released and may grace precede you in all that you do.

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