Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Season of Presence

Channeled 12/9/09
White Star Sanctuary, Las Vegas

Each of you is carrying around with you at this time a little extra burden. That burden has to do with the weight, the heaviness of the world that comes from expectation at this time of year. In the midst of a holiday season that has so many expectations for joy, giving, receiving and celebration there is, too, much held in human consciousness that is not those things. And for you as “sensitives”, as empaths that care very much about the way you live your life and the way that you show up in the world, the discrepancy or space between the expectation of celebration and the reality of life challenges, pain, struggle and imperfection, can at times feel like a burden for you to carry. The mind may see it or experience it as confusion, while the body may experience it as fogginess, lethargy, aches (especially of the head). For this burden is also known as overwhelm, the overwhelm of realities not lining up- or in other words, your experience of “fantasy vs. reality”.

Of course there are ways in which, yes, you can see the joy and the beauty and you can find the Spirit of the holiday season, meaning the Season of Light- all of the holidays that are celebrated this time of year are truly seasons of Light. And yet, there is a longing within you to have more synchronicity and integrity with these celebrations and authentic experience of them. See if you can drop into at this moment, for yourself, what it is that you expect out of the Season of Light. Perhaps you have expectations that are realistic and some that are not so realistic. See if you can, without judgment, look at what expectations you may have and what are the true longings or needs of your soul within those expectations.

As you move through this collective web of exchange between you and your loved ones, of both light and the absence of light, can you hold a space of compassion as an un-biased observer of those places within you that have yet to hold the light of love, of safety, of reverence? And could you allow this season to be a season of cleansing those places within you that have yet to hold the Divine Light? Could you reach for that ideal without the expectation that you do it perfectly? For we wish to remind you, or perhaps you are hearing for the first time (but we think probably not), that there is no ideal that you will experience 24 hrs a day every day of the year. And yet, there is a longing from your soul to experience unity with this Light. So it is in a way a sort of paradox: you reach for the ideal light, knowing that the “ideal” exists in imperfection.

Return to a time when you were a child, a young child so full of excitement, not only for the holiday season but for each activity that you engaged in- bringing the light of your essence into everything that you did. For some of you, you may need to go back to very young years- perhaps infancy, 2 or 3- and for some of you, you may be able to go back to your teenage years and still see yourself bringing forth your light. Whatever the case may be we encourage you to reconnect with that childlike vision, that childlike essence of creation. Breathe into your hearts and align with the essence of you as an innocent. And as you breathe out from that place of essence, consciously send that innocence into the web of connection that unites all of humanity especially at this time of year. For, from our perspective, that ideal that you each long to return to and reach for is the longing of humanity to experience its playful innocence amidst the challenges, amidst the crossed wires of your brains and the discomforting reactions of the body, the turbulent emotions of your feeling nature, the imperfections of being human. Children are not perfect but they are present, they are unified with the divine light inside.

From our perspective it is the longing for presence, the longing for something real, soul to soul, essence to essence connection with each other that humanity is reaching to remember. So while on one dimension there is a sense of lack at this time of year, of “not having” - whether it is food or clothing or heat or toys, there is also an incredibly abundant potential source of soul food that is your deep and real presence with each other. And so we encourage you to move through this Season of Light as though it were a Season of Presence, not to be experienced and then packed away in boxes to put on shelves until next year, but a season of presence which is cultivated within you to carry into 2010. Be present with yourselves in all that you are feeling, be present with yourselves in all that you are experiencing and then take that presence and walk with it, walk with that presence into the newness that awaits you: the rebirth, the collective rebirth of your year.

For yes, it is true, you will find people more willing to make contact during this season, and we encourage you to allow it to remind you of the walk that you strive to walk, the talk that you intend to walk, every day of your life. Giggle to yourselves when the cashier, the attendant, or the stranger makes contact with you and say to yourself, “Ha! I have been here all along, where have you been? So good to see you again! So good to acknowledge you my brother, my sister. Thank you for remembering, even if it was just for this day, or this month.” And then take that energy exchange and let it fuel and feed the fire within you, the fire of your own presence, your own authenticity- the real you. Let it feed the fire of the real you, and let that fire cleanse away all that is not you: your defenses, your habitual reactions, your stories. Then breathe and feel your hearts. Remember that the greatest “present” truly is your presence.

It is now time to draw into the center of the circle any whom you would like to give a blessing, or a gift to. Perhaps it is a child that has very little in their lives and doesn’t know what it means to have a full tree of wrapped gifts. Perhaps it is someone that is ill or someone that is struggling deeply to remember who they are. And as we draw them in to center of the circle we connect first with deep presence to the light of the essence within us and then we acknowledge the light of the essence within each of these beings as we say to them, “drink from this unending source of abundance, drink from this well of love, it is yours to remember who you truly are.”

May all souls here be restored, may all karmic bonds be cleansed and released and may grace precede you in all that you do. So be it.

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