Friday, February 12, 2010

Manifesting With The Circular, Fluid Love Current

Channeled Through KellyRose Zuvuya
White Star Sanctuary, Las Vegas NV

It is time for each of you to awaken to the unique skills and abilities that you have brought forth into this lifetime to transform, to create and to better understand your world. Many new technologies are arising not only from the left-brain aspect of your humanity but also what we see as an impressive array of technologies arising from the right side of your brain: the creative, intuitive and telepathic aspect of your humanity. This is as of yet a much under-appreciated, under-valued aspect of your culture that is indeed changing. There is much for you to open yourselves to by simply allowing it to occur. All that one needs is the readiness, the willingness to experience a whole new perspective on yourselves as beings of energy in motion.

For the potential of your creativity is vast to say the least. And we wish to remind you of this vastness even if your human form has its limitations. There is a reason why you have chosen to be in physical form: so that you could develop discernment around the creations that you would choose to put forth from this vast, infinite pool of possibilities. To develop the discernment of creation is one of the greatest gifts of being human. To develop the creations and the causes and effects of your creations is in fact one of the greatest sources of your power. You may find yourselves in this moment acknowledging your trepidation around your power. For many humans the word power brings up so many anxieties and we say to you that many of these perspectives on power are true and some are simply misconceptions. See if you can open, in this moment, to a Divine expression of your power resting deep inside of your human heart.

The power to love and be loved is one of the greatest sources of these right-brained technologies that we speak of. In reality the expansion of this technology that each of you will bring forth in a new and unique way must be tempered by love- so that you can be in integrity with your Divine Self. Of course there are many creations that are out of integrity with this divinity and love that you are. From our perspective there is no judgment on this, yet we see each of you experiencing struggle in your life that results from being out of integrity with the love in your heart. To be out of integrity simply means that you are not whole with the love that you are. It is a simple not a complex truth to understand. And to return back to this integrity is also simple. It may not always be easy- simple does not always mean easy- yet it is filled with fluid, flowing grace.

To be in integrity is the potential to be connected to the fluid nature within and among yourselves, your planet and the Divine itself. And as each of you embark on the journey of embodying your Soul’s true purpose we acknowledge in you the divinity that you are and the humanity that you are working with. The greatest conduit of integrity between the two aspects of yourself- divinity and humanity, the infinite and the finite- is Love. Ask yourselves, what shall I create in the way of a new intuitive technology for myself? Then ask the current of Love to wash you from the inside out, allow the current of Love to be the wavelength that you travel as you gain the skills, the understanding, and the remembrance of these new technologies. You do not need to know how to discover this creation. You simply need to align with your readiness.

How do you know you are ready? Breathe and feel the readiness within you to feel something so new and beyond your current life experience that only the heart of a child would be so brave as to embrace this newness. See yourself as a child standing before you. Picture yourself as the memory you carry of your self as a young one playing effortlessly. Allow this child aspect of you to center into your heartspace- the sacred space of your heart. Take another deep breath. Allow the curiosity to envelop you. What have you come to develop in the way of your intuitive and other-worldy vision in human form? What have you brought from another place and another time to manifest into the third dimension. How shall you bridge the highest aspect of your Soul’s Essence with this physical reality? Notice in this moment the fluid nature, the “bendability”, of the physical world around you. It is not as solid as you may perceive it to be most of the time.

We suggest to you an exercise of breathing into each moment of your creative meditation the fluidity not only of your own body, but breathe as well into the fluidity of the physicality around you. Notice that it is one current of energy shared between you and whatever it is that you would like to manifest. Breathe into the fluidity of your manifestation. Breathe into the fluid nature of love. Now, take one thing, one relationship or situation that you would like to manifest right now and practice this so that it really anchors into your consciousness. For in this moment there are a multitude of energy lines and beings here to support you in this process.

Begin to visualize this thing, relationship or situation or presence it in front of you with a feeling if you are not visual. Then breathe into your body the fluid nature of your cells, notice that you are energy in motion. Feel the cellular structure of your body circulating. Then begin to notice the fluid nature in this thing or experience that you would like to manifest. Breathe into its cellular structure and its fluidity. As you breathe there is a circle of fluidity that rises up out of your crown chakra and into this manifestion and around again back into your first or root chakra. Breathe the circular breath of fluid love through yourself and into this manifestation. Allow it to happen effortlessly- you know how to do this intuitively. Simply allow your right brain to take over in this experience and keep breathing the circular, fluid nature of this love current into that which you long to experience.

We wish to again remind you that there is so much support surrounding the Earth plane at this time. Please call upon us. Call upon our support through your sacred human heart, knowing that all of the Love you call upon from this place is of the highest light. We cannot assist you without your permission. We are longing, from our heartspace, to be with you and to lift the veil together. This Love builds upon itself through out your waking experience of life until its circular, fluid nature surrounds you, envelops you, guides you through each and every moment of your human experience.

May all Soul’s be restored, may all karmic bonds be cleansed and released and may grace precede you in all that you do.

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