Friday, February 19, 2010

Trust In The Template Of Awakening

Channeled Through KellyRose Zuvuya
White Star Sanctuary, Las Vegas NV

You have become increasingly aware that there is great potential to create a new reality, a new world, and let go of all that is no longer thriving. And we see that one of the keys to the creation of this newness is trust. To open yourself to a new level of trust in the unknown, in the new, in what is yet to be born is to take yourself out of what you have known, what you have clung to, or held onto sometimes for dear life. Without trust you will find ways to meet your need for safety in the old ways of being, keeping you in its vibration, its reality. This is of course not wrong but it is very limiting because you become unable to move forward in a way that your soul truly longs to experience.

When you speak of “letting go” it is trust that must fill your consciousness, it is trust that you must breathe into. Once you do this you will find that the cells of your body begin to relax and readjust, and they will begin to “click into place” with the new world that is birthing. In contrast, when you are in fear, doubt, uncertainty, hopelessness and discouragement you are in what has been: the “has been” reality. If you are to reach for the new experience of life, an awakening based in a template of prosperity with its abundance of love and flow, then it is necessary for you to become aware of those moments when you are vibrating with the old way of being. Then simply use your breath and your intention to reconnect with the Template of Awakening that has both descended upon and ascended within humanity and the Earth.

We encourage you to practice this often and to know that each of you will experience the moments of fluctuation between the two realities quite often. There will be pockets of time, and have been in the recent days and weeks, wherein those fluctuations become more obvious and rapid. And all at once the doubt, anxiety, depression seems to overtake you. So we want to encourage you to develop the aspect of you that is the observer self- the one who sees from the larger perspective. Make an agreement with the observer part of you that you will catch this experience of hopelessness and doubt as simply that: an experience through which you will choose to breathe and reach towards the Template of Awakening that is all around you.

For even as you do not see the creations happening in your life yet as you would like them to be, there is much effort and work being done on your behalf by your spirit guides, helpers, angels. Allow yourself to open to it, to reconnect with it and to remember its importance in your letting go. For coming back in touch with the support that surrounds you is indeed a large part of this Template of Awakening.

The emotions you experience will often times create for you the possibility of struggle, and when you are in struggle you are not open to support nor this template that we speak of. Now we do not wish to see you put more struggle on top of your struggle with judgment when you are experiencing this resistance inside of yourself. But simply notice that when you struggle (the indication of struggle will be the amplified experience of pushing- whether physically, mentally or even spiritually- to get something done, to change a situation or pushing to create) you are not open to the support you long to receive.

We invite and encourage you to create only when you are in the space of effortlessness and allowing the creations that you feel in your heart to be shared with others because you are compelled and excited. And we encourage you to trust other needs that must be tended to inside of you- needs for rest in particular, needs for good food, nourishment, water, movement of your body, prayer, connection with loved ones. See in this moment if there is one of these needs that you have been neglecting in the pursuit of creating something. For we see that no creation that longs to come through you from your Soul’s purpose would ever need to neglect one of your basic needs. Your humanity and your Soul’s purpose are meant to co-exist. Your need for rest, integration and down time is meant to co-exist with your Soul’s creative urge.

When you develop trust in both your humanity and your Soul’s creative purpose you click into and become a part of the new Template of Awakening. With your breath feel yourself expanding to include more of your Soul’s Essence. With each breath you open to more of your expansive spirit and with each exhale you allow it to integrate with your personality and your body. There is much that needs to fall into place in order for many of your Soul’s creations to come to fruition. We encourage you at this time: don’t give up on your certainty of a more loving, safe and respective experience of life. When you find yourself hitting a wall of resistance, step back from what you are doing and breathe into who you are becoming.

Remind yourself: “There is enough time, there is enough support and I am enough”. Keep your visions alive for what you wish to create in this world- don’t let them go. Tend to your human needs, put one foot in front of another and hold onto your large visions of what you wish to create. Even if that is simply a more expansive experience of your Soul’s purpose as it integrates more thoroughly into your human body. Now is not the time to give up on your dreams, but now is the time to give up the gripping, the holding on and the need for control. Tap into the fluidity of your dreams, trusting in the way they support your Soul’s growth.

Allow yourself daily to take in the vibration of support through the 1st chakra as trust, through the 2nd chakra as acceptance for self, through the 3rd as reverence for the life that you are, through the 4th as Love for all your relations, through the 5th as your unique truth spoken and expressed in Love, through the 6th as your hopes, wishes and dreams in vision form, and through the 7th chakra as the knowledge that connects you to Great Spirit. If you were to breathe into your energy centers once a day remembering each of these vibrations, you will begin to stretch and expand yourself automatically into the Template of Awakening and the support for the newness you wish to create.

So be it.

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