Sunday, January 3, 2010

Prayers For 2010 & The 3 Pathways

Winter Solstice 12/20/09
White Star Sanctuary, Las Vegas
Channeled Through KellyRose Zuvuya

Take a few moments to connect in with your ancestors and tell them about your prayers for the coming year. Talk to them about the seeds that you are planting on this night. Talk to them about the help that you need at this time. (Reflect and/or write down what your prayers are for the coming year before continuing on.)

On this eve of the greatest contraction of energies, the greatest internalization of your soul’s longing, you have the opportunity to hold your prayers close to your heart. For tomorrow you will begin the process of allowing these seeds to grow. You will, if you choose, place yourself on a trajectory of growth. For each of the prayers you have spoken tonight necessitates growth. In each one of you there are places and spaces that must expand in order to allow these prayers to come to fruition for yourselves and those around you. You must learn to hold more of your true authentic self, your true divine nature. So tonight is the night to hold these prayers deeply in the fire of your sacred heart to allow them to gain strength and become hot with the passion of your soul, to allow them to germinate as you slumber the longest night of the year. For when the sun comes back again it will be time to take your prayers and creative energies out into the world in ways which you have yet to experience.

It is true that you have the choice to stay exactly where you are, to “not move”, to stay firmly planted. But of course, since there is always movement of energy, this movement of energy would be like running circles around your self. You have that option and there is nothing wrong with choosing that. Though we see that each of you here tonight is moving in quite a different direction. Your souls are longing for the expansive growth that takes you out of those circles. So, rather, you become a movement of energy that is cycling in a spiral, and each time you make a pass on this spiral you move deeper inside of your soul- you embody more of your unique divine nature and concurrently you are expanding the spiral. At the same time that you are moving more deeply inside of yourself, you are also growing larger, expanding out beyond yourself.

Feel in this moment what that energy experience is like for you- the ability that you have as spiritual beings having a human experience to move both internally with greater and greater depth of self awareness and externally with greater and greater awareness of your natural surrounding world and what you wish to create from your soul-space, your heart-space. Notice what that is like to be a being that can move both internally and externally, each movement affecting the other.

We wish to explain to you three pathways that we see developing in the spiral nature of the evolving human consciousness at this time. The first pathway is the one of unconsciousness of the spiritual nature of self and other- coming purely from a rational, mind-oriented way of being. For many people this pathway is the pathway of greatest self-discovery in the current lifetime. The second path is the pathway of becoming aware of your expansiveness outside of this rational, linear mind- remembering that there is more to you than this body, remembering the connection to Source from which you came and to which you shall return. For many, this pathway is the pathway of greatest self-discovery. Those that choose to stay on this pathway for their entire life will go in and out of duality the most, in and out of connection and disconnection the most. The third pathway is the pathway of commitment to live life from the true divine nature that you are. To allow all of your creations, your prayers, wishes, visions, dreams, to be in alignment with your soul growth and the growth of humanity, the expansion of consciousness. It is indeed a pathway of deep focus, commitment, honesty, patience and radical surrender. For many, this pathway is the pathway of greatest growth in this lifetime.

Each pathway is an important part of being human on this planet at this time. One is not better than the other though one may feel better to your soul. One may feel like a greater alignment with your unique purpose for being here. Allow yourselves to notice: where do you see your self? Are you in between pathways? Are you firmly grounded on one pathway or another? Are you aware that the prayers that you set forth for the coming year can help you to become clearer about which pathway is yours to take?

Now, of course, there are many pathways that are making up these pathways- there is not a single one that exists for a whole group. And yet, we would like to remind you as we have done in the past, that there is a collective consciousness for each of the three pathways and this collective consciousness can be utilized for your greatest support. Call upon the beings, the human beings, and the consciousness that holds those that are walking this path with you. Allow yourself to connect to this consciousness as a form of support. Know that as you draw upon the support of your fellow travelers you become that much clearer about the path you are walking.

We are moving into the vibration of 3 in the coming year. You are perched upon the precipice of letting go of the year of 2 (2009 is a 2 in numerology) and moving into the year of 3 (2010 is a 3). Notice how each of these three pathways has played a part in your life. Perhaps one pathway has been the one you have judged, one pathway may be the one you find yourself walking along most frequently and one pathway may be the one you idealize. We wish to remind you once again that all three pathways have had purpose for your growth and at this time you get to make a conscious choice to move towards the pathway of greatest alignment with your soul growth. Sit in the acknowledgment and certainty about which of these pathways is yours to take. Releasing judgment, standing firmly in the I AM presence that dwells within you, and saying three times to yourself, “I trust in the I AM that I AM”.

If it feels right for you at this time we invite you to make a commitment to fully embark on the path of the prayer that you have set forth at this time. To fully surrender and release all that is not in alignment with these prayers. To receive the guidance, the clarity for which action steps need to be taken and for which non-action steps need to be taken- meaning there may be more quiet reflective time needed in order for these prayers to come to fruition. For the path of aligning yourself with Spirit and with your soul’s true purpose requires that you be in the unknown, and that you sit in the unknown on a regular basis, that you be open to change, that you develop trust, that you walk with the certainty that you have everything you need inside of you to fulfill the longing of your heart, and that you commit to releasing anything that is not so.

Allow your ancestors to step out in front of you forming a line in front of you. Let each of your ancestors come before as you place your hands out as though you were going to receive something. Watch as you ancestors place in your hands the very energy/vibrational transmission that you are most needing as they place another hand upon your heart. Breathe as you receive the gifts from those who have come before you. (Pause to breathe and receive the transmission)

We call upon the ancestors tonight in this special ceremony and yet, we wish to remind you that it is every day of your life that you are allowed to call upon the help of your ancestors. Many of you have been on this path of growth “by yourselves” for far too long and it is our wish and our prayer for you tonight to allow yourselves to connect into the support that is available to you. For after this night of long slumber and integration and deep, deep rooting of your prayers within the very sacred space of your heart, you will awake with the opportunity to take the first step on the trajectory of the manifestation of these prayers. And you will need help. For that is one of the secrets of the expansion process- to ask for and to receive help.

Thank your ancestors for being here and remember that if it is your choice to move from the middle pathway to the third pathway where you are fully aligned with your soul’s true purpose in all that you do, it does not mean that your rational mind will just go away. What it means is that your mind serves your heart- your mind surrenders to the power and the presence and the sacred space created by the vibration of love.

May all souls here be restored, may all karmic bonds be cleansed and released and may grace precede you in all that you do.

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